Helping you get to the bottom of real nappies

We are really pleased to be able to offer a wide range of nappies to loan out. The large majority of these have been donated by generous nappy companies – Little Lamb, Bambooty, Tots Bots, Nappy Bliss, Charlie Banana, Close Parent to name a few. More details are available on booking a demonstration or meeting at a nappuccino.

Should you be struggling to get to the bottom of cloth nappies then the library will help you make the right decision for you and your little one.

For details of what brands we have available please email

Saving you money..

Tailored to meet individual family needs. The library loans out each nappy for a weekly £1 fee. You may loan as many as you would like to try. We also have limited stock of  full sets of 20 nappies available. These will be on loan for £25 initial monthly fee, then £15 month thereafter (deposit required for all nappies with deductions made for stains, damage or non return)

Should you go on to buy your nappies through nappy Bliss the weekly trial fee will be refunded.

Donations of nappies to the library are also very welcome.

If you are not in the New Forest area then check out the map of cloth nappies libraries across the UK for help and support in using cloth nappies.