At first it may seem like there are a bewildering array of different nappies but we have put together the following simple guide.

There is nothing quite as valuable as individual advice, so please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Types of nappies

Flat nappies

The ‘original’ terry or prefold nappy

Needs some folding

Dries quite quickly

Can be secured using a ‘nappy nippa’

Requires a waterproof wrap / cover

Pocket / stuffable nappies

Basically a waterproof wrap with a pocket to stuff with absorbent material / booster

Take apart to decrease drying time

Can be sized or ‘birth to potty’

Easy to apply as once stuffed goes on in one piece

All in 1 nappies

Waterproof cover and absorbent material all in one

Can take a while to dry

Can be sized or ‘birth to potty’

Easy to put on as in one piece

Pop in / all in 2 nappies

Waterproof cover with shaped absorbent pad that is held in place with poppers

Comes apart for ease of drying

Easy to put on as in one piece one poppered together

Shaped nappies

Shaped for ease of use and containment

Can be sized or ‘birth to potty’

Requires a waterproof wrap

Types of material

Micro fibre

Man made – very quick drying

Light weight and slim fitting


Natural breathable fibre

Can be organic


Often mixed with other fabrics to increase absorbency


Fast growing natural fibre

Very absorbent so particularly good as night time nappy

Can take a long time to dry