Disposable Nappies: The Facts

Eight million disposable nappies are discarded every day across the UK.

New Forest babies alone get through an average 30 disposable nappies a week, that’s 2.5 million each year.  If you were to spread all these nappies out next to each other, they would cover the entire area looked after by the New Forest Park Authority. Or, to put it another way, if we took all the nappies used by New Forest babies in a year and laid them end to end, we could make a line that goes between Lymington and Yarmouth over 200 times!

The trouble is that local landfill sites and incinerators have to handle all this unnecessary waste, which adds up to a whopping 4% of total kerbside rubbish. What’s more, the increased methane output from landfill sites is a significant source of greenhouse gases, and costs UK taxpayers around £25m annually.

Real Nappies

Switching to real nappies could halve your weekly household waste and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40%.  Whilst we appreciate that they’re not right for everyone, natural nappies have come a long way.  There’s so much help available now, including nappy delivery and nappy laundry services, that they’re a good option for many parents. Research has also shown that there are real benefits for baby too.

  • Kind to baby

Reusable nappies don’t contain any harsh chemicals.  Often made with organic cotton, this is softer and kinder next to your baby’s tender skin, helping to reduce the risk of nappy rash.  Disposable nappies can mask dampness rather too well making potty training a lengthier process too.

These days there is an array of colours and designs to choose from which make real nappies fun (and even able to coordinate with your baby’s outfit!). Different shapes and sizes ensure a snug, comfortable fit too.

  • Kind to your purse

Just one child using real nappies can save you approximately £500 over the baby’s nappy-wearing lifetime. Even greater savings can be achieved if you re-use them for subsequent children so this can really add up over time. Your initial investment in real nappies could be as low as £80 and at only £1 per week for washing, you can see how quickly natural nappies pay back that initial investment.

First baby? You may find that friends and family will offer to help with your initial costs so why not ask them to help pay towards your eco-friendly nappies?

  • Kind to you

Using real nappies is also far easier than many parents believe. There’s no longer any need for soaking, fiddly folds, nor any pins in sight!  Most nappies now come with popper or Velcro closures, and, using a flushable liner means solids end up in the sewage system, not your washing machine, for less mess.

You may also want to consider a nappy laundering service.

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